Hello, I'm Syntax. This is an index to mirrors of Thunderf00t's recent video busting Nino Vitale.

Download the video from u/ladytct's CDN by clicking here

Download the video from u/2called-chaos's server by clicking here

Or stream it online from another mirror by clicking here

Or alternatively use this cool google drive based fileshare platform and use the code
(Platform, service, and content not made by me. Good idea to use an alt account!)
Direct, more volitile link to the above

However, this webserver is currently experiencing historical loads as a result of hosting the video file,
so I request that you only download the video once, and please try to upload it to other platforms.

Send me a message on discord at Syntax#6135 or pm me on reddit
at u/SyntaxOfficial with your mirrored link and I will put it here.

If none of the other mirrors work, you may download the video from this server by clicking here

Thank you so, so very much to all who helped with hosting the video!
Without their resources, I'm pretty sure this poor server would've had big trouble.

Thanks again, and stay rational!