We are Criterion Signalworks.

CS Coda series of development boards are the technological successor to popular STM8 Blue "1$" boards, featuring improved layout and more compact formfactor, without sacrificing any port accessibility or compatibility.

Scale Reference

CS Scale Reference, these are unrelated to Coda 0.6 development boards but will be included on this page for testing purposes.

They are very nice and very cool. The distance between the shapes are exact and can be used to determine the size of objects photographed next to the scale reference.

Additionally, they are built using FR4 substrate material, allowing them to withstand harsh environments like salt, sand, vacuum, oatmeal, or grass flakes.

At this point, the author of this page has ran out of generic content for testing purposes, so he will use that fact to further inflate this paragraph.

The author owes thanks to the American school system for training him to become fluent in vaguely disguised filler content.

Custom solutions

We make custom solutions and stuff, we don't just buy some random off the shelf module from aliexpress and slap them on to some cardboard and call it a day.

Our solutions are nice. They're built with care by cool people with cool tools.

As you can see in the image to the left, regular 5mm dome through hole LEDs and 1/4W metal film through hole resistors are simply too boring and generic for the tastes of our engineers.

Instead, we created a custom four channel DIP-4 parallel indicator using 0805 high-CRI LEDs and 0603 high precision resistors soldered to a piece of CS Improved Proto™ protoboard using high quality silver-bearing lead free solder, as we clearly find entertainment in over the top sophistication.

Testing until failure

We go to great lengths to characterize and model various systems that we work with, in order to guarantee reliability and ensure mission suitability of our projects and solutions.

The rigorous process of parameterising frequently involves the failure of components and parts under test, sometimes with spetacular results.

We beleive such failures are instrumental for successful deployed products, as they provide us with better understanding of the systems at play, thus making it possible to engineer better solutions for complex problems.


Coda 0.6 STM8 Blue Generic Nano
Formfactor Small Intermediate Large
Chipset STM8S003F3P6 STM8S003F3P6 Atmega328p
External Interrupts All GPIO pins All GPIO pins Pin 2 and 3 only
Regulator Ferrite filtered 300mV LDO AMS1117 AMS1117
Power headers Dedicated None (Micro USB) None (Mini USB)
Component placement Top only, SMD ready Top and bottom Top and bottom
Program headers ST-LINK ST-LINK JTAG